Hi, we’re Ashleigh and Tim Queen. The husband and wife duo behind Queen Media.

We are so happy you found us! Queen Media is not only our business that we found and that we love, but we also feel like it’s our calling. We love nothing more than getting to walk life with others, and photo and video allow us to do that.

We started Queen Media in 2015 as a way to fulfill our dreams of being able to work together, but also as a way to spend more time together as a family. Through the years, we have worked with incredible couples who have truly impacted our hearts.

During the end of wedding season in 2018, our third child was stillborn and our world was turned upside down. Through the season of absolute pain and devastation, our couple’s stepped in and poured love into our lives.

During what felt like a season of walking through a parched desert, our faith in Christ and the relationships that we have built with Queen Media poured over and into the cracks of our broken hearts like a rich honey.

We want to be more than just a vendor, we want to truly serve you. As a professional. As a friend. We believe in being more than just someone who is hired on your wedding day. We want to be someone who laughs with you, prays for you, and supports you any way you need it.

As we through life now, Queen Media means more to us then ever before. We believe in showing our clients that no matter the season,

life is sweeter than honey