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Alicia + Elisa

Running away from storms, taking our cars through creeks, and almost getting our tires lodged in thick muddy roads. We took Alicia + Elisa on an adventure into the forest for a gorgeous morning before a big thunderstorm struck. We loved getting to shoot these portraits to celebrate their 21st birthdays.

Thanks Alicia + Elisa! You girl rock.


Ashleigh Queen
Tiffany + Tim

Tiffany + Tim's engagement session was incredible. So much fun. So many funny memories. And the next time we shoot with them, it will be in ICELAND!

We are so excited to be a part of Tiffany + Tim's elopement in Iceland in October, and we had so much fun shooting their engagement / elopement announcement session. Tiffany and Tim are sweet, authentic, willing, and brave.

So excited about our adventures and adventures to come...

Ashleigh Queen
Audrey + Jacob

So, we are actually really sad to be posting Audrey + Jacob's blog, because this means our season with them has come to an end. Audrey + Jacob are amazing + incredible people. We all started off complete strangers and we are now so happy to call them friends. That's one of the most incredible parts about what we do. Making friends.

Audrey + Jacob your day was such a celebration full of love, joy, and laughter. We were honored to capture it and to hang out with you both!

Ashleigh Queen
Lindsey + Jeremy

Lindsey + Jeremy are incredible people and their wedding day was just as incredible.

We spent the entire day with them, from getting ready, to trolly rides all over the metro Atlanta ready, to avoiding canon fire on the battlefield at Kennesaw Mountain, to chasing sunset trains.

We could not have asked for a more fun day with them, their family, and friends. Thanks for the amazing memories Lindsay + Jeremy!

Ashleigh Queen
Brady + Scootie

One of the most fun weddings to date. Brady + Scootie immediately made us feel like their friends, and the entire day with them was incredible.

Their friends and family were a blast to hang out with and party through the reception with. Brady + Scootie were not only lucky to have one of the most gorgeous fall days of 2017...I mean common, check out those leaves. But, they also had one of the most interactive and fun friend groups at their reception.

We will always treasure our time with Scootie + Brady

Ashleigh Queen