Makayla + DJ


"you will forever be my always"

We were so excited to take some couples photos of our good friends Makayla and DJ. We had this session planned for months, just being able to all spend time together and capture the love that Makayla and DJ share. 

Then, a month before their session, DJ told us that he had purchased Makayla's dream engagement ring and was wanting to propose during their session with us. 

we. were. ecstatic.

The opportunity to be able to share in this precious moments with dear friends, to be able to watch Makayla's reaction as her love proposed to her. As he promised his love to her always.  It meant the absolute world to us.

Their session was amazing. We have never felt so sneaky until now. We spent the first portion of our time just shooting a normal couple's session. Then we used our key word to let DJ know that we were about to prepare them to be in the position. We put Makayla and DJ back to back so that we could see their sweet reactions to each other.

Then it happened. DJ was on one knee telling his best friend how he was ready to make her his wife.

Tears and laughs were shared. 

Such an incredible experience that we will treasure always. Being able to capture love like this, is indescribable.

Congrats to our sweet friends!

Ashleigh Queen